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A couple weekends ago, Dave and I attended a retreat at our church called The Art of Marriage. It’s a Family Life production and was so well done. It’s so often easy to get caught up in the realities of the world that real, quality time with each other sometimes gets pushed aside. Even when you do get time together {which Dave and I are blessed to have a lot of}, it’s not typical that you sit and focus solely on talking about your relationship for 12 hours. This is probably a good thing – we would drive each other bonkers {AND anyone around us}.

This retreat was simply fantastic. We enjoyed delicious snacks provided by Embrace and had the opportunity to learn about marriage and more about each other. Our favorite part of the entire weekend was reciting the pledge at the end. Versed similarly to wedding vows, we both got a peek into what saying our own vows will be like in just a few short months. {eeeekk!! 🙂 } We could hardly make it through the marriage retreat pledge without tearing up. My sincerest apologies and warnings to our guests: if you’re moved to tears when you see/hear other people crying {like me}, you may want to bring tissues. Let’s be honest, Dave and I are both going to bawl like big babies. 🙂

We’re blessed to be able to start our journey together with so much support and love, and to be provided with tools such as these to make a beautiful life together. I don’t know anything about marriage. As “prepared” as we think we are, we have no clue what we’re getting ourselves into. We’ll learn as we go, and the biggest, best, most incredible thing we have on our side isn’t our love for each other, but our love for God and His love for us. We pray every day for each other and that we may have a Christ-centered marriage. Thankfully, we have been blessed with so many married-couple-friends we look up to who have just that. They work at it every single day, and by God’s grace, regardless of all the statistics that say otherwise, marriage works and is a beautiful gift. We are under no illusion that it’ll be easy, but in good and bad, it’ll be so worth it.

This retreat is appropriate for couples in all stages and I highly recommend it. Embrace hosts it twice yearly; check out their website for more information!

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