marriage is awesome and hard

This is what 2 months and 12 days of marriage has taught me.

  1. It’s really really fun.
  2. It’s really really hard.

More specifically:

  1. The number of trips you take to Goodwill is directly related to how cool your house is.
  2. There are a  lot of bills to pay as two married adults.
  3. You get really excited when snail mail comes and feel a little bit giddy every time you see your new name.
  4. Dog food {especially the kind our picky little stinker requires} is expensive.
  5. Praying out loud together before every meal and in the middle of building frustrations is the best habit to make.
  6. There is a lot more laundry for two people than there was for one.
  7. Reusing your bathroom towel an unmentionable amount of times to reduce that laundry is totally acceptable.
  8. Crappy Netflix movie dates in bed are the
  9. Trying new recipes together is only fun when they turn out. You’re still really hungry, and a little bummed, when they don’t.
  10. Sharing a closet means you technically can wear anything in it – his comfy, worn in tees and flannels? Totally yours now.
  11. Ikea dates are the best things since sliced bread. Shopping AND eating there? Even better. And cheaper than anywhere else. {See #2.}
  12. Putting together the bed you bought on said Ikea date makes you angry at everything in sight – the bed, your husband, the dog, the screwdriver.
  13. You see a lot more whisker hair in the sink than you ever imagined.
  14. He gets a lot more long, wavy, brown hair stuck in his clothes and toes than he cares for.
  15. You splurge {only kinda – there was a deal!} on a giant photo canvas of yourselves all decked out in your wedding garb and hang it in your living room. And you feel totally proud and happy and not at all ashamed or full of yourselves.
  16. The bed gets made almost I don’t know what this has to do with marriage.
  17. The dog takes up more of the bed than the two of you combined most nights. And he always weasels his way into the middle. Don’t judge.
  18. Marriage is totally a God thing. There’s no way two people could successfully do it without Him.
  19. The number of texts between you are significantly less. Only because you spend nearly all your free time together and don’t want to be “those people” who text across the couch.
  20. If he’s out of socks, he’ll borrow yours. {This is only applicable when you have the same size feet.}
  21. You miss him a lot when he works late, but not so secretly kind of enjoy the quiet time to yourself to watch the girly shows he doesn’t like.
  22. You says to yourself and each other often, “Being married is so fun!” and “It’s really hard being married.”

I don’t know much about being married. I know that it’s awesome and hard. I know that I love Dave more every day and that there is no else else I’d rather thrive and struggle with. We’re so far from perfect it’s crazy. But, we continue trying and loving and forgiving and laughing every day. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that those choices are imperative to this crazy adventure. I’m happy. He’s happy. And, even in our worst moments, we love each other.

That’s it.

That’s enough.

Photo love: Brianne Nichole Photography

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