meet my internet friend

I have a friend who is pretty much the same person as me. Obviously, I think she’s fantastic.

I “met” Taurie for the first time when she sent the SWEETEST email after stumbling across my blog exactly one year ago today. She read through one of my first posts about home and found herself in tears, relating to my words about Grampa’s pasture, wide open spaces, and the joys of the places we call home.

We immediately started relating on EVERYTHING – not only because she, too, had just moved hundreds of miles away with her man, but because we love all the same things and have freaky similar senses of humor. Like, whenever I’m convinced the only one who thinks I’m funny is meee, she proves me wrong and laughs at all my poor attempts at being clever. Also, we have pretty much the same hair, I think. So, there’s that.

THAT, everybody, is a true friend.

She also has the sweetest blog and an adorable little dog and totally GETS IT. She gets it all. I truly can’t say enough good about this sweet friend of mine. Dave and Roger (her boyfriend!) constantly tease us because we’re “internet friends.” Here’s my crazy confession: we’ve never even spoken on the phone. BUT, we write and text all the time so our friendship is legit, I promise.

I’m cheers-ing to Taurie today, on our 1 year friendsaversary! YAY!

Good friends are a truly rare and beautiful thing, and I am so thankful.


See?! Totally the same hair. Betcha you thought that was me, am I right?!

Side note: One day I’ll update this post with a photo of us TOGETHER! We’re in the middle of planning a trip – hopefully sometime soonish! 🙂

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