meet the mccanns

Hey! We’re the McCanns – Dave, Shanna, Neeson, Copeland + Barnes. I’ve got my own little boy band and I’m their biggest fan.

We got tired of the daily grind and working so hard to just get by. We wanted to live a little fuller & get more time together – so, we switched up our lifestyle and headed out on an great adventure! We sold our house in Colorado Springs and renovated an Airstream, where we attempted to live and travel around in a bit – heading wherever the wind (and the weddings!) take us. We had high hopes for that plan, but it just didn’t work out. In a short span of just two weeks:

  • I quit my job.
  • BOTH of our vehicles were stolen from our driveway. Yes. BOTH.
  • We got our Kia back 24 hrs later – sans the boys’ carseats. And iPad. And a bunch of camera gear. UGH.
  • We got our Titan back 6 days after that. Littered with fast food garbage and pot, but otherwise just as we left it!
  • We officially put our house on the market.
  • We accepted an offer, well over our asking price, 1 day later! Guys. What?

We poured our hearts into that sweet Airstream, but it just wasn’t meant to be. After just a few short months of living in it (unfinished still, ha!) we decided to hang up the towel and sell her. To say it was a WILD and stressful start doesn’t begin to cover it. BUT, we remained hopeful, AND SO excited, and now, exactly as we had dreamt, we’re settled in the sweetest black house in the middle of the mountains. This was always our end goal; we just made it here a little differently than we had planned. Life is beautiful like that, isn’t it?

Please, follow along – laugh at our eff ups and be encouraged. We’re all in this together, after all.





We’re crazy, it’s true. Ready for more? Take a look at our big announcement post HERE!