mid-century modern dresser

We’ve been slowly selling a lot of our things. When we moved almost a year ago, we both just brought pretty much everything we had, paying no attention to whether it fit together and if we even liked it or would use it. We had a funny mix of my girly things and Dave’s boring (per Dave’s request, I meant “eclectic”) man things. Over the last year we’ve been replacing them with pieces that complement the “couple style” we’ve created. We had been on the hunt for the perfect new TV stand to replace the one that was part of the old set we recently sold. When I spotted this beauty on the Craigslist for THIRTY measly dollars, it was  l o v e  at first sight. As you can see, the bones of it are solid, but it had a lot of scratches and surface damage to the wood. I wanted something that we could give a little love to, though, and knew this would be the perfect afternoon project.

The two things I knew for sure were 1. that I wanted to add some white paint and 2. keep the face of the drawers original. That stripe down the middle of each drawer just kills me! Ahh, so pretty! Lucky for me, the bulk of the damage was to the frame of the dresser – the drawers, for the most part, were still in beautiful condition. I first gave them a good wipe down with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Tip of the Day: I have found these to be  e x t r e m e l y  effective in cleaning grime and gunk off old wooden pieces. Then I followed with rubbing coconut oil over the wood, concentrating especially on the scratches. Side note: what can’t you use coconut oil for? Sheesh.

Leaving the drawers out, I put a sloppy coat of primer on the entire dresser frame. I didn’t take any pictures of that part because I  h a t e  priming and always do a horrible job at it. After that dried, I took a can of white paint I had on hand and went to work! It took about 4 coats to get it all looking even and covered, but boy oh boy do I love it. I finished with a coat of sealant on the top and voila! it’s finished! 🙂

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