A letter to my boys.

Neeson & Copeland. Nug & Bug. N & C. Nuggey & Copey.

My boys.

I want to share with you some insight to these hazy days, so that one day, when you’re both bigger, and you look back and read about how much your mama loves you and how I will NEVER stop fighting for you. How I want to raise you to be playful and joy-filled. How I aim to raise you into great, kind, men.

The road to greatness starts young. Say please and thank you. Be gentle. Kindness matters. When I tell you about greatness, I don’t mean that I aspire for you to be famous or rich. I don’t care for you to be known among nations or for your names to be spread worldwide. Greatness, for you both, is to be gentle movers. To be, in a world where you can be anything, kind. To notice those who need help, and to offer it.  To work to change, not necessarily the whole world, but your corners of it.

I don’t know yet exactly what that looks like – maybe you’ll be teachers or inventors or business owners. Maybe – hopefully! – you’ll be dads. When given the opportunity, I hope you’ll encourage and listen, and when challenged, I hope you’ll be understanding and filled with consideration for opposing views. I hope you’ll push yourselves and you won’t be afraid to question things that command questioning. I hope you’ll stand tall for goodness and you’ll be willing to fight for that light to shine.

My boys. I aim to be a mother who shows you strength and compassion. One who shows you that women are brave and strong and capable of anything. I hope to be living proof for you that despite this world’s many difficulties, it is always, ALWAYS, worth it to be hopeful.

You will both, before my very eyes, one day be grown and you’ll be faced with so many choices. You’ll be given the chance to choose between right and wrong. You’ll make mistakes and you’ll hurt others; I hope to teach you both to recognize those moments and to be quick to apologize and admit your wrongdoing. That you’ll rise above your egos and remember that being kind and respectful is always more important than being right.

May you always be quick to smile and laugh, and not afraid to play. May you be light-hearted and grow up with the attitude that every day is the best day ever.

N & C – you are the reasons we fight for a fuller, richer life. Today and every day for all of my life, I love you.

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