nesting is real

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetThis nesting thing is real. Dave (and my mom, and all of my past roommates) would all tell you that I am not exactly little miss homemaker. I’m not too bothered by clutter and reeeeally am not into cleaning. I’m just not very good at it, and to be honest, I get so overwhelmed at how often you need to do it! Seriously. I vacuumed like, last week or something, and then again just the other day and you should’ve SEEN the inside of that vacuum. 😐 I promptly allowed Dave to finally schedule a haircut for Brody – it was totally the dog’s fault. No other explanation.

Anyway. Long story short, I don’t like to clean. I like a clean and pretty home, but I don’t like the cleaning part. God knew this about me and gave me a husband who enjoys cleaning and does it often. For real. How convenient is that?! BUT, the last couple weeks have made me a little nutty and I want to clean/organize/put away ALL THE THINGS. I don’t even want to go to work because I just want to stay home to clean and organize. Case in point: vacuuming twice in less than two weeks. Who DOES THAT?! Though, as I type this the kitchen is still a bit of a disaster. Ugh. SEE?! It never ends. For another day…

I’m right in the middle of my 31st week of pregnancy and we are rapidly crossing things off my Master Baby Nesting List. It’s 2.5 computer pages long. 😀 I think Dave’s especially thankful that all the cleaning related bullet points are currently shared activities. FOR NOW. I make absolutely no promises that my new obsession will last once Little Man arrives. I’m gonna be WAY too busy cuddling that sweet babe to think about things like vacuuming.

The countdown is on, everyone! Just 61 days until April 19th – and let’s be honest, he could make his arrival well before that. Little Man, we are so excited to meet you!



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