old soul or old lady

I think I’m meant to be a retiree. Or a gramma. I have lots of “old soul” hobbies, as I like to refer to them as. 🙂 I really like to sew and would love to learn how to knit.  Also, I CAN’T WAIT to plant my own garden. I really just want to buy a motor home and travel all over the country, or spend my days taking walks, antiquing, and creating. Or, give me a porch, swing or rocking chair, a good book, and some lemonade, and I can gladly lose an entire day.

Speaking of books (AND gramma’s), my Gramma and I read all the same ones. We’re swapping our books constantly. Either this means I’m super awesome OR my Gramma is super hip. Definitely the latter. When I think of my Gramma, I think of a jar on the kitchen counter filled to the rim with Werther’s Orginals and lemon drop hard candies.

I think of her piano, mini glass Christmas tree, incredible thanksgiving meals, and the grandfather’s clock in the entry way. I think of her little antique bowl filled with lipstick in the bathroom, cross-stitch art on the walls, and thick photo albums that never change, but captivate my attention every single time I visit. More than all that, I think of Gramma teaching me about flowers and baking and about all the different kinds of wood. To me, Gramma is sunshine, a hearty laugh, music, a warm smile, bright flowers, and oodles and oodles of wisdom and love far beyond my years.

Maybe I’m a bit of an old soul or just a really lame 26-year-old. I like to think I’m a lot like Gramma, though. She’s the most wonderful lady I know. So, if being like her makes me the oldest 26-year-old ever, I think I’m doing something right. Cheers to you, Grammy! I’m so thankful to share so much with you.

PS. My Grampy is pretty darn special, too. Isn’t he so handsome? 🙂 Don’t tell Dave, but this man is my favorite in the whole world.

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  1. You are so right, Shanna.
    She is one of the most wonderful women that I have ever known and I learn something from her every time we are together.
    Thanks for putting this into words.