our first thanksgiving

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. YIKES. Granted, it’s just for 5 people (that’s counting Dave and I, mind you) but STILL. We’re making a turkey – neither one of us has ever made a turkey. We’re making mashed potatoes – we don’t own a mixer. Don’t you need a mixer for mashed potatoes? I’m gonna tackle green bean casserole – never made it before. I bought some frozen dinner rolls – that’s the way Gramma does it, so that’s the way I’m doing it, darnit. I’m buying lots of wine – I can handle that. 😀

This. Is. Gonna. Be. AWESOME.

My parents and brother, Corey are making the trek from South Dakota. They’re probably somewhere in the middle of Nebraska right now. They get in tonight, and I am SO excited! Mom’s bringing pie, all the goods and recipe for Gramma’s stuffing, and more wine. We’re going to prepare a feast and enjoy lots of wine while doing it. 🙂

Even if the food isn’t perfect I’ll have a cute table, filled with 3 of my favorite people, to eat it at. That’s all that matters, anyway.


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