our greatest adventure, summer 2016

So incredibly thankful. How on earth did I get so lucky?

I’ve been hoarding these photos to myself for nearly 6 months now. Aren’t they amazing? This is Neeson at 14 months. Amie did such a wonderful job coaxing smiles and giggles out of the little nugget and she helped Dave and I feel completely at ease. We’ve had the opportunity to have many professional photo sessions together, and as long as you’re cool not posing us, we should be okay. 🙂 Ask us to pose and things get awkward FAST.

Amie – you captured my little family perfectly. Neeson’s silliness, Dave’s pure and unconditional love. The joy abounds. I’ll cherish these forever.

Photo credit: Amie Hansen, Photographer

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    • Amie, we seriously had the BEST time with you! Hope to be able to get in front of your camera again sometime! xo