our greatest adventure, winter 2016

Happy weekend!

First, I’m so exited by all the positive feedback from my last post! I feel fueled by your support and can’t wait to start sharing more about our process! Until next week…

Fall/Winter 2016 was one of my favorite seasons yet. Neeson is growing right before our eyes, and I couldn’t be more thankful. We have been so lucky to receive beautiful images from each of these different stages of our life. These were taken less than 2 months ago and he has already changed so much. Sometimes, as he’s chasing Brody through the house  or talking into the dog bone like it’s a phone, I look at him and I have to pause for a second to catch my breath.

Is he really ours? How did we get so dang lucky?

That’s usually followed with “oh man, what if we screw him up?” #keepingitbalanced

Parenthood is such a crazy ride. Of all the goals and dreams I’ve ever had, the one of creating a healthy, safe, and loving home for him to grow up in is the most important one.

These are just a few of my favorites from our winter session with the lovely Katherine Ridgely. xo


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