his perfect little space

To say I have high expectations for Little Man’s room is a bit of an understatement. I have a vision, and IT. WILL. BE. MET. To say I may be going a wee bit off the deep end may also be a tiny understatement. Dave says I’m very particular about really odd things. My mom says I’m “set in my ways” and that when my mind is made up there is no changing it. They’re probably both right.

Okay, let’s be honest, I KNOW they’re both right. But only sometimes.

Honestly, though, I just want his first little space to be perfect. I know he won’t care. I know he wouldn’t bat a pretty little eye if the chair I rock him in isn’t JUST RIGHT and doesn’t look how I imagine it in my head. I know he won’t know the difference between a dresser “that’ll do” and THE dresser that is perfect and I am still painstakingly searching to find. I know he won’t care and I know it doesn’t matter. Still. I want that little room to be perfect. For him. He’ll know his mama and daddy love him for a million other reasons, but I also want him to know that we spent a lot of time loving each other and dreaming of his future while slowly putting together his little room.

It’s not so much about having all the perfectly right things, it’s about the compromise & decision making that went into creating his first space. It’s about the full Saturday it took us to paint his room, the smallest room in the house, because it was important to us that we do the best job we could. It’s about the free afternoons spent sewing little blankets and pillows for him. It’s about the hours spent perusing Pinterest and elsewhere online together to find options for that perfect rocker and dresser. It’s about laying in bed at night, wondering aloud if he’ll have a “fox complex” from all the little fox art, stuffed animals & accessories we’ve already accumulated for his space. It’s about unfolding and refolding all the little clothes in his quickly filling closest, just because we like to look at them. It’s about sitting cross-legged on the floor of his room, completely enamored with his little kicks rolling across my stomach, imagining the day we can hold him in our arms, read and sing to him, cuddle him, & teach him about this beautiful world.

I know that all that really matters about that little man’s space is the little man himself who will soon grace it. I know that. But, still. It’s important to me that it be just right for him, because someone so perfectly incredible, the little miracle that he is, deserves a great little room. He deserves a great little space all his own that his mama and daddy created for him.

Now, the real question is: will we even be able to put him down long enough to ever be in his room? 🙂 Stay tuned.IMG_4507IMG_4509IMG_4502IMG_4504IMG_4500IMG_4501

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  1. You are going to seriously be an amazing momma to little man. Through your words your and Dave’s love shines through. His room IS absolutely perfect, and I look forward to the day of seeing it in person. Thank you for sharing your heart and pictures. It almost makes me feel like I am there. Although I am half way across the world please know that you are in my heart. As you enter this season God will speak peace into your soul, and an unimaginable joy into your life through the gift of your baby boy. He is so blessed to have you guys as his momma and daddy,

    Sending you all my love!