39 week pregnancy musings

As we are in the last days – yes, DAYS – of my pregnancy, I came across this post that I started waaaaay back in August when we found out about the little guy. Those several hours of learning of his tiny, yet hugely miraculous and incredible existence were filled with awe and absolutely shock. Was this really happening? What would the next 9 months bring? Would this baby be healthy? Could I successfully carry him or her to full term? What about AFTER those 9 months? Were we ready? Do we have what it takes to be good parents? There were so many questions and uncertainties, but mostly, above all else, there was joy. Just pure joy. We weren’t expecting it, and it wasn’t part of “the plan” just yet, but instantly, it became a million times better than anything we could have imagined for ourselves. While nothing necessarily changed right away, everything did. Every choice we made from then on was made with our baby in mind. Everything we did and continue to do, is for him, so that he may live the best possible life with two parents who love him and each other fiercely.

All that said, here’s a glimpse at where my mind was 9 long and short months ago. 🙂


Oh gosh, you guys. I’m pregnant. Not just ate a big sandwich, pregnant. Like, growing a human in my belly, pregnant. At the point of first writing this (4pm, August 27th!), I’ve known for about 29 hours. By the time anyone besides Dave reads this, I’ll hopefully have a cute little belly and be able to tell you all about how wonderful I’ve been feeling and share all the compliments on my gorgeously lush hair and incredible, glowing skin.

Not likely. I don’t suspect I’ll be one of the lucky ones when it comes to the negative symptoms. BUT at the very least, a girl can hope for good hair and skin, right? 🙂

According to the at home tests we took I’m currently 3-4 weeks along. Unfortunately, we can’t get into the doctor until 8-10 weeks, so we have to wait until SEPTEMBER 24th. I’m dying a little. I’ve never been a patient person and waiting f o u r  l o n g weeks to learn more about this tiny little bean in my stomach is excruciating. I think Dave is even more impatient though, if that’s even possible. He’s SO happy. It’s adorable. 🙂 I’m still in shock, and all I can think about is how often I already have to pee (or is that just in my head?) and how I want to decorate the nursery. That’s normal, yes?


Friday, September 12th. Welp. Definitely not glowing and definitely not feeling wonderful. I’ll see y’all again in a few months. K bye.


What a wild, wild ride this has been. I definitely didn’t have glowing hair and skin – in fact, my breakouts are reminiscent of middle school, ugh – and I gained a wee bit more weight that I had hoped to, but all in all, I’m pretty amazed and damn proud of what my body has done these last 9 months. I. Made. A. Human.

I have a couple more posts I’m hoping to get to before the little guy arrives – forgive me if I bombard you over the next couple days. 🙂 Until then, go hug all the mamas in your life and tell them that you love them- they sure deserve it. Give the dads some credit too, we pregnant ladies aren’t always easy to deal with. 🙂


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