raising a reader

One of the things I hoped for Neeson in the months we were awaiting his arrival was that he would love to be read to and, eventually, to read himself. I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember and wanted so badly to instill that same love in Neeson & now, little Copeland, too!

I’m so excited to say that books are among N’s favorite things! Currently battling for first place with Moana and the iPad, but still… BOOKS!

We get the majority of his collection from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. If you have kiddos and aren’t signed up for this yet, you definitely need to get on it! You just register your kiddo and then they are sent a free, age appropriate book every month. Most of Neeson’s favorites are from this program. How cool is that?

He’s at the age now where he’s memorized all his favorites and will read them to us. I’m convinced there’s nothing sweeter than his little voice reading me Mama Llama Red Pajama. #meltmyheart

These first two images are from when he was just a little nug! Look at that hair. HA! The last three are recently. Still with the hair. Heart eyes. xo

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