reclaimed renovation || old and broken and beautiful

Piles and piles of broken pallets. Growing up, they filled “the trees” behind my childhood home. My brother used them to make forts. We used to climb all over them, and every spring, would search through them high and low for the latest litter of baby kittens. It was great. 🙂 Now, luckily for this girl, the grove behind my childhood home STILL has piles of pallets, AND old cut logs, AND scattered bricks all over. Seriously, its a dream. They are sometimes completely broken, but always so beautiful.  I love that this….can become this… 

These two were just sold for a wedding gift!! YAY! 🙂 It’s wedding season, and these make great gifts. The smaller one was personalized using the couple’s wedding color! Let me know if  you’d like some for the lovebirds in your life – or for yourself. 🙂

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