showered with love

I absolutely LOVE snail mail. The mail comes super early (and by that I mean before 10am) at our new house, so one of the first things I do every morning is check our cute little mail box. Most of our bills are online, SO whenever there’s anything in the box, it’s actually something good – like my Better Homes & Garden’s magazine, or a thoughtful card. You KNOW it’s gonna be a great day when we’re awoken by the door bell because that means a package has been dropped on the front step! Eeeekk!!

Guys, I LOVE mail.

The last two weeks have been heaven in this mail-receivin’-lovin’ gal’s eyes. Not only have we been ordering a few things here and there for our little man, but we’ve been enjoying the most wonderful “unconventional baby shower” for him, too! My long time friend, Casey, came to me with the idea and offer to throw us a baby shower. Because we’re hundreds of miles away from South Dakota, where the large majority of our friends and families live, we had to improvise a little. It’s hard being so far away sometimes, and this was especially one of those times. I always imagined celebrating my first baby surrounded by all the wonderful people in our lives, and because of Casey, we were still able to do that – just in a more nontraditional sense. I don’t have the right words to thank her enough for the time and effort she put into making a shower happen for us. I can also never find a way to accurately express how thankful I am to everyone who joined in the fun and sent our precious baby boy a little something. We are so grateful to you for understanding and embracing our unique idea, and especially for extending so much love all the way to Colorado.

Enough of my emotional blubbering. I hope you enjoy this short video and a few photos of our little family’s celebration. Again, THANK YOU so much & we love you all.


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