sitting room: Christmas

It’s beginning to feel pretty Christmasy around here!

Except for the fact that it was 64 degrees today, but we won’t dwell on that. As we lead up to the holidays, I’m excited to start posting some Christmas decor room features! As I said in my Christmas mantle post, we really want to keep things pretty simple. There’s already plenty happening this time of year, we don’t need a visually cluttered home to add to any of the stress. Since I just featured our sitting room, I thought I’d start there today! I need to tell you about this little drawing in the photo above. We listed our home on Airbnb for some holiday dates that we’ll be out of town. Our most recent guests left this on Neeson’s chalkboard. It’s our house! and our tree out front! I was feeling a little hesitant about the whole Airbnb thing, but this totally restored my faith. Isn’t is the sweetest?

“Christmas is too sparkly” – said no one ever.

Neeson is loving everything about this season. He helped decorate the tree and with every ornament I added, he threw more positive reinforcement my way – “oh, dat’s SO beautiful!” or “dat’s SO PRETTY!” or “look at dat, mama! I LOVE it!” He exudes pure joy and I learn from him every day. We’re getting excited about taking the boys to see Santa and head into the mountains to play in the snow! We rarely get much snow in our part of the city, so it’s an easy excuse for winter trips into Summit County. 🙂

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