some days

Some days you just need a little reminder of all the good. Of how incredibly fortunate you are. Ya know? A beautiful home, great jobs, wonderful families and friends, a healthy growing baby expected to arrive in just 5 short weeks. Truly, things are good. Truly.

But, some days you just need a little reminder of all the good. Some days it just feels like you can’t do enough to get ahead. Some days you just want to eat a cupcake, go back to bed, and start over. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, I know. Our challenges and hardships are what shape us, blah blah blah. I get it.

Do you ever have those days? The days when it all seems to pile on and you just want to cry a little bit? Maybe it’s just me, but I really would’ve appreciated if the people we bought our house from would’ve properly “painted” the bathtub. Or rather, not painted the bathtub at all. Paint chips come off at any sign of moisture and I don’t know what the heck kind of paint they used, but it is super irritating to our skin and all this girl wants is a bath, damnit. But nope – just showers. Ugh. The pain is REAL, people. Do they not understand how badly my body aches some days? Also, it would’ve been really nice had they mentioned that our dryer was going to literally EAT OUR CLOTHES. It tore two huge holes in one of my maternity dresses and I literally cried when I saw it. Do they not understand how emotional pregnancy is? Not to mention how discouraging it is to keep growing out of the few clothes that fit?

They clearly were not thinking of me and my needs when they withheld these tiny bits of information from us. Waaahhh. 🙁 According to the Googling and research we’ve done, neither of these are free fixes. Why can’t anything be free?! Don’t they know I’ve got a baby on the way and that those things are also not free? GOSH. How selfish.

Things happen. It could definitely be worse. We just keep on going and hope that tomorrow will be better. I still won’t get a bath tomorrow and our dryer will continue to eat our clothes, but I’ve got the best husband in the world, our little baby boy is healthy and growing perfectly, and for now, I will just hang his adorably tiny clothes on our clothesline in the backyard. That’s not so bad, right?



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