sometimes i do risky things

I like to play it safe. My brother, Corey would tell you I’m just really lame and my mom would say, “yeaaaaaah, you’ve never really been one to seek adventure.” The ballsiest risks I take include trying a spicier sauce on my chicken wings or swearing in a blog post. My bucket list is filled with goals like “learn to knit!” and “collect all of L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels!” Gosh, how cool would that be? A FULL SHELF of Oz books! I’m perfectly content with my safe and happy little existence. I don’t need to go sky diving or drive really fast or climb on tall ladders. I’m not a thrill seeker and have gotten quite good at talking myself out of anything that may be remotely dangerous. So, so lame, I know. BUT, I have never broken a bone, so there’s that.

Once in a blue moon (is that a real saying or just something my mom always says?) I get the urge to prove to myself that I’m not a 90 year old lady stuck in 26 year old’s body and agree to do something wiiilllllld. Like white water rafting.

When Dave asked if I wanted to join his Dad, Diane, Kristin and Ryan for a rafting trip down Clear Creek I initially thought “no way on God’s green earth will I be doing that.” I practically cried just thinking about it. BUT, somehow, after much reassurance from Ron that I would be perfectly safe, I agreed to join the fun. On the day of, I almost talked myself out of it all morning. Seriously, I could hardly talk I was so freaked out. (For those who don’t know, I DO NOT like water. Not one bit.) Once I got on that raft, though, and we started speeding down the water, all my fears disappeared. All of the sudden, I was no longer scared of falling out, hitting a rock, and disappearing into the abyss, never to be found again.

I have a very active imagination when it comes to all the things that could go wrong during risky activities. You never know!

Rafting ended up being one of the most exciting things I have ever done and I’m so glad I didn’t talk myself out of it! My wonderful father-in-law even bought all the photographic proof. 🙂 Thanks to Ron, now ya’ll can see that I’m not making this up.

So, here you have it – I did something really crazy and actually enjoyed it. Huge kudos to the people at Liquid Descent for making this a great experience!

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