stress cookies

I’m a stress eater, and Lord, this has been a stressful time. Maybe someday I’ll write about what’s been happening. Maybe someday, when I can laugh about it. Maybe someday, when I can look back on it all and be grateful for the lessons it taught and for the growth it forced. Life is silly and God has ways of orchestrating His plan that I may never understand. I find myself scouring Pinterest for pretty pictures of scripture and quotes that give me the answers I need, or at the very least make me feel better. I try to lose myself in all the wrong things – baking cookies, making things, rearranging things, working, reading mindless fiction. It’s a constant struggle to instead lose myself in the only thing that that could ever fix what’s wrong. I need His grace. His love. His guidance. His peace. Lord knows I just need a little peace.

But, for now, He gives me cookies, and that’s kinda close.

Adorable heart toothpicks from my beautiful friend, Taurie.

Delicious cookie recipe from the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chip bag. 🙂

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  1. oh Shanna… I needed to hear all this. I am so-so very guilty of distracting myself with “good” things. Home things, baking, fiction, everything you just said! This is such a good reminder to never distract ourselves when we so obviously need Him.

    • Kortnee, it’s so hard! Thanks for taking the time to comment – it always helps to know I’m not alone in the battle. See you soon! xoxo