thanksgiving, 2014

Our holiday season suddenly has an entirely new meaning. Our Thanksgiving weekend was spent in Rifle, CO enjoying family and food. Dave and I often found ourselves commenting, “this is our last Thanksgiving as we know it. Our last Thanksgiving without a baby!”

Nothing will really change in the many years to come: we’ll still celebrate with family; we’ll still stuff ourselves silly with the best food; we’ll still laugh at the puppy’s freaky obsession with his Christmas sweater.

Everything will change in the many years to come: we’ll celebrate with the newest part of the Alverson & McCann families; we’ll stuff ourselves silly with food.. when we aren’t feeding/holding/chasing Little Man; we’ll laugh at the puppy & Little Man’s coordinating Christmas sweaters.

It goes without saying, I am thankful for much this year:

An adorable puppy in a sweater who loves to dance and cuddle with me.


A handsome husband who loves well and provides endlessly.


A healthy & quickly growing nearly 21 week old babe-in-belly.



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