the best life

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May your day be filled with friends, family, and more food than you can possibly eat.

The list of gratitude is a long one this year. Health, happiness, a safe and beautiful home to live in. Jobs that provide, good food to eat. Family and friends, both new and old, near and far. My babies & Dave, who make me laugh, teach me to be present, and fill my heart to the brim daily. My cup overflows.

We’ve been spending a lot of time planning for and dreaming about our future. How do we create our best life? Where do we settle to build a life for our boys that will teach them to value simplicity, kindness, honesty, compassion, & empathy? How can we best encourage them to use their imaginations daily, exercising both their bodies and minds? What does it look like to raise these sweet boys into truly good men?

For us, that looks like open skies and towering trees. Like chickens and a goat. Like learning math by counting rocks & colors by picking wildflowers. For us, the best life is a slower one. It’s space to run outside and build forts with downed branches. It’s the songs of cicadas at night and bluebirds during the day. It’s the smell of a quiet gravel road, as the dust settles after it’s been kicked up by a passing car. For us, the best life is less house, more home. Enough room to encourage independence but not so much that the term “together” loses it’s meaning. This is our best life.

We spent one recent afternoon picking out our Christmas tree at a local tree farm, Heidrich’s Colorado Nursery. We ran and danced through the rows of trees, humming Christmas tunes and dreaming of the day we can do the same in our own backyard. We snagged the most beautiful White Pine and countless memories.

On this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful – grateful for a husband to dream with and two little boys who inspire us daily to build a great life. xo

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