the everyday moments

I’m learning a lot during this maternity leave.

Like – the house may never be clean again. And my hair may also never be clean again.

The laundry is never ending. Same with the dishes.

I pick up toys – and art supplies, and ripped up paper, and discarded snacks, etc etc etc – AT LEAST a million times per day.

I might actually stand a chance to lose this baby weight – because I can’t remember or find the time to eat a decent meal.

I’m quicker to say “no” than I’d like, and I find myself annoyed and overwhelmed far more often than I’d like.

My patience is short. But, so is this stage of life.

I’ve been making an effort (as you’ve likely noticed from my Instagram account!) to take more photos of the mundane, the every day moments that I never want to forget. The details of their little bodies – the flaky newborn skin, the dirt under N’s fingernails & his wild hair; the messes; the random; my boys.

Here are a few of my recent favorites. xo

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