the good & the bad. trimester 2.

It took until about week 17, but by golly I am finally feeling better! As we close in on the THIRD and FINAL trimester, I am thankful to have experienced the so-called “honeymoon period” of pregnancy. From about 17 weeks on it’s been pretty smooth sailing (except for the day after the one night I forgot to take my Unisom…). As of the last week or so, I’ve definitely noticed another decline in energy and it’s starting to get more and more difficult find a comfortable way to sit/lay/move/EXIST, but goodness, our little babe is growing like a weed, moving around like a mad man, and is measuring right on track, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful and in awe of this entire process.

Growing a baby is hard work, and I am exhausted the moment I wake up most days, but I’ve been able to eat again, and that’s really exciting for this mama!! My cravings and aversions have changed a bit in the second trimester; take a look!

The Good. 🙂

  • cheeseburgers, from anywhere, all.the.time.
  • soft pretzels. I want one SO bad right now.
  • Pepsi. It has COMPLETELY cured my terrible headaches. (Before anyone freaks out on me, this is DR. PRESCRIBED caffeine, thank you very much.)
  • Stuffed Crust Pizza.
  • Tomato soup & grilled cheese.
  • All the Mexican food I can get my hands on.
  • MILK. Gallons of it.

The Bad. 🙁

  • All fruit (except apples). STILL. I really miss berries. I made a mixed berry smoothie the other day – terrible decision.
  • Yogurt. Also a terrible decision.

You’ll notice my GOOD list is much unhealthier than my BAD list (but also much longer!), which makes me a little sad. I think any woman who has ever been pregnant can relate to the inner struggle you experience when you start to weigh more than you ever have. Don’t get me wrong – I am more than happy to do everything I can to make sure our little nugget has a strong, healthy, and safe environment to grow and develop in, and I fully understand that gaining enough weight with this pregnancy is a huge part of that. STILL. It can be kind of hard some days, ya know? Especially when I try so hard to enjoy food choices that are healthier for me and they end up coming right back up again. Too much information? Sorry.

Regardless – our little man is healthy and I am healthy and we’ve got a pretty special husband/daddy-to-be who takes really amazing care of us. What more could I ask for?

So, bring on the cheeseburgers & pretzels. There’s plenty of time to eat fruit and veggies again once our babe is here. 🙂

Just a couple quick phone photos of Little Man McCann at exactly 27 weeks.


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