this season of change

Typically, my blogging seems to go like so: I don’t have anything excited to share, so I don’t share anything exciting. Or anything at all.

The last few months, though, it’s been just the opposite. Our life is nuts.

I’ve had s o  m u c h  to talk about lately. Too much to talk about. I haven’t even known where to start. So, I haven’t even tried. I’ve been writing in secrecy a lot. I have a pretty terrible memory as it is, but my brain is absolute mush these days, so if I don’t write it down, there’s not a chance of my remembering it.

Like this post, for example. Written on October 17th, but not even shared until late December. Bear with me.

My head’s been spinning like WOAH, annnnd let’s be honest, all these extra hormones haven’t been helping. Tell me: what’s a girl to do when in a matter of just ONE week (remember, this was back in OCTOBER) she:

  1. gets offered and accepts not ONE, but THREE part time jobs (after MONTHS of searching);
  2. makes it through the beautiful and horrible and nerve-racking 1st trimester; and…
  3. puts an offer on the most adorable little 1899 house.

Oh, ‘what’s that’, you say? Maybe you haven’t heard? Like it said, life is nuts. We have been B U S Y.

I’m still having trouble making sense of it all, but this is what I know for sure:

  1. I love this growing baby boy so much my heart is in danger of bursting. It might actually explode and he’s not even here yet.
  2. I’d be a lost cause without Dave. These last few months have REALLY made me realize how much I need him. And how much I love him.
  3. Buying a house is the WORST. I’ve never been through a more miserable process. BUT, we are OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS of the CUTEST house. Go us!
  4. I’m going to be a MOM. I’m certain I don’t yet understand the full extent of that. I’m more terrified and happy than I’ve ever been. I also cry a lot. But I’m fairly sure that’s normal.
  5. God knows SO.MUCH.MORE. than I do! All the stress and tears of not finding the “perfect full time job that will really make me feel like I’m doing something with my life” were just silly. He knew what was coming and He knew what was best. It makes so much sense now. His perfect timing and His incredible plan will always prevail.

He performs wonders that can not be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. -Job 5-9.

Little man McCann at nearly 23 weeks. Ah… my heart. Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

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