third trimester

This baby’s arrival is right around the corner and I can’t even believe it! Where have the last few months gone?

Pregnancy with a toddler is a completely different thing than pregnancy with just a husband. Pregnancy with a full time job is a completely different thing than pregnancy without one. Pregnancy in the SUMMER is completely different than pregnancy in the fall & winter. When they said that every pregnancy is different I couldn’t have anticipated just how much so. I just said pregnancy so many times I’m now questioning whether it’s even a word.

It’s been a big adjustment for me this time around. I had to Google what trimester I’m in because I can’t keep track. Most days it’s amazing I remember to wear shoes. I left for work the other day without a bra on. THANK GOD I realized it before I was out of the driveway – especially since I work with mostly men. #awkward

If we’re friends on FB you’ve possibly already seen this, but I was just THAT lady in Walmart today, hastily chasing my crazed child & his new toothbrush from the checkout through the front doors before he nearly dove right into traffic. If you think Neeson’s too adorable to ever be naughty, just think of 7 month pregnant me, waddle-running after him as extremely unhelpful strangers look on remarking how “cute” he is.

Lord knows we’re a hot mess over here, but goodness, I am so excited to be a mama to another little boy. TWO BOYS. This whole house is about to get insane, so thankfully, I think I’ll continue to fit right in.

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