tour our may

Meet our May! She’s a 1978 Airstream Argosy 31′. We’ll be making May our new home for the foreseeable future and we couldn’t be more excited to start making her our own.

Why an Argosy? Airstreams are so classic! They are one of the only campers that retain their value, AND well cared for and renovated Airstreams actually appreciate in value. We are thrilled to make May our home for now, but know that it won’t be forever. We wanted to think past the immediate future and hone in on some long term plans for our family. An Airstream fits in well with those goals and when this one popped up on our FB Marketplace – AND we only had to travel an hour up to Denver to get her – we knew she was it. It was the size we were looking for, in great condition (because lets be honest, we have no clue what we’re doing with big reno projects!), and under our budget. All good things. GOOD. THINGS.

Why May? May represents a fresh start. May is the simple beauty of change – of newness and of Spring. May is when and how we begin this adventure. May is a welcomed and long awaited arrival. May is our chance to slow down and live with intention.

We’ll be sharing progress photos and details here and daily updates over on Instagram! She’ll get a new life with some fresh paint and upholstery, new cabinets, and lots of fun little details. We CAN’T WAIT to have her finished!