two months with two boys

Copeland turned two months old on Saturday. Yay! He spent most of the day celebrating by napping in the life saving Solly wrap, crying, and occasionally giving me a smile. Poor nug has relux, so he’s definitely not the happiest baby on the block most days. We got medication to start him on, so hopefully brighter days are ahead for our sweet little C.

In these two months I’ve spent at home with two kiddos, I’ve learned A LOT. Like, mamahood is HARD, friends. It’s especially difficult when your second baby is completely different from your first baby. I mean, why didn’t anyone warn me about that likelihood? Neeson had me thinking I was such a natural, but Copeland has me feeling like I’ve never cared for a baby in my life. I feel so clueless most days.

Regardless of my many shortcomings as a mama – no one is perfect, right? – I’m happy to say we survived many days of 2 against 1 these first two months. I only forgot about lunchtime on occasion, and no one came away with any serious injuries.

I can’t take all the credit, though; the iPad sure helped a lot. Youtube Kids wins at parenthood, lets be honest.

Just LOOK at these two. xo

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